Response to Black Girl Dangerous Link

Ashley and I just read and discussed the article in Black Girl Dangerous (response to Emma Watson’s speech). While we agree with the blogger’s points about the full spectrum of feminism–namely, the necessity to address LGBTQ rights, racial inequalities, and ableism–we wish that she had offered this opinion as a response to and not a critique of Emma Watson’s speech. We believe that, as feminists and as women, we should support one another. While it’s true that there is more to be said to the UN (and popular culture) about feminism than what Emma outlined in her speech, we believe that too much critique only inhibits any progress that Emma might have made. We wish that the blogger had provided these insights in a constructive way, perhaps offering them as additions to the speech and/or suggestions for the future rather than belittling Emma and the gains that we believe she has made for the movement. We agree that she should not be seen as the new “poster girl” for the movement, but in the spirit of women for women, we support her despite the fact that her speech wasn’t perfect.

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