Appreciating Beauty v. Sexual Objectification

Here are two articles I recently found discussing the objectification of women and the effects it can have on both men and women.  They were both written by Jamie Utt, and I recommend reading them both as he introduces some ideas in the first article that he then goes on to expand in the second.

While I understand that most people, including myself, will probably not strike up a conversation with every person we find attractive and thus create a relationship with them, I think the important message here is that (1) you do not need to say something to everyone you may find attractive (i.e. street harassment) and (2) you can appreciate someone’s beauty without staring pointedly or ‘gazing’ at specific body parts — as Utt says, we can practice our powers of rational thought and will in order to prevent ourselves from damaging others by compounding the problems of sexual objectification through our gaze.

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