W&L Fun at the Expense of the Homeless and Poor

The following messages were forwarded to me by a student who did not find them amusing. I have redacted personal identifiers and inserted remarks in brackets. The messages are otherwise unchanged.

From: [Male W&L Undergraduate]
Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2014 2:10 PM
To: [apparently every W&L female first year student]
Subject: Dirt Poor

Attention members of the upper lower class,

Sick of champagne and limos? So are we. Join us for Dirt Poor and forget your financial troubles by grabbing that brown paper bag and toasting over a joyous oil drum fire. Vagrancy and loitering encouraged at [Address] starting at 8 pm. Food stamps will be checked at the door!

-Dirty Mike and the Boys

Derelicte (SODA Theme) – YouTube
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From: [Different Male W&L Undergraduate]
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 5:57 PM
To: [Presumably every W&L female first year student]
Cc: [Fraternity X]
Subject: [Fraternity X Presents “Filthy Rich”]

Does the phrase tax shelter excite you?
Are you unfamiliar with the concept of “credit limits”?
Has your father been audited by the SEC more than three times?
Do you look forward to the earthy aroma of a fresh WSJ in the morning?
Have you ever scratched your Macbook Pro with your Rolex?
Do Porsche Boxsters disgust you?
Was last summer’s trip to the French Riviera a “business expense”?
Does your family name speak for itself?
Do people often mistake your first name for your last?
Is there a room in your house that you haven’t been in?
Do you have a second home?
A third?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions then we are cut from the same cashmere cloth.

This Friday, November 14th, the brothers of [Fraternity X] present Filthy Rich.
Let’s look past our fathers’ “busy work schedules” and constant berating to thank them for their kind “donations” that made this party possible.
Come to [LOCATION] to celebrate the true and great values of America. Kindness, sharing, and caring did not create the country we have today.
Dress better than Patrick Bateman [the American Psycho lead character who enjoys sexually torturing and murdering women] . Slacks, ties, skirts, and dresses. Dress for success.

Limousine rides from the quad starting at 8.

-[Fraternity X]

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