9 thoughts on “The Hunting Ground

  1. Hi, Sarah. Seth Michelson is working on this. I think it would be great! Would also like to include VMI students, faculty, and staff in the event, if we make it happen.

    1. Accused should have fair processes and it’s good that some of the over-correcting is being challenged, but it seems to me that it is also good to keep up awareness and education about the original problem, which unfortunately has not gone away. There are always new people on campuses so the message needs to be sent over and over again. Maybe we can watch Hunting Ground as a group and see if there’d be any value in trying to show it here.

      1. I have not seen the film, but the trailer highlights fear and vulnerability to me: fear of the process, that you will not be believed or treated fairly if you report and vulnerability that assault is unavoidable. Neither of these is helpful to reducing assault (my primary objective) or seeking help when it occurs (my secondary objective).

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