“Saving Second Base”


I have mixed feeling about the “saving second base” tag line used in support of (anything, really) but Relay for Life most immediately. I have seen this on T-shirts and on a placard in front of the Science Center and while I can find what I have to assume is intended humor and support in this phrase, I mostly find it grossly misplaced. Fighting breast cancer is not about a sexual experience, it’s about saving a whole human being.

How do others feel about this?

Sarah Wilson

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6 thoughts on ““Saving Second Base”

  1. I totally agree, Sarah. It basically says that the best way to raise money for breast cancer research is for women also to objectify themselves and their breasts. Save second base, save the ta-tas, all of those silly tag lines, in addition to the overabundance of pink-as-woman in the advertising campaigns, tells us something about our priorities. I really like what you said about “saving a whole human being” because it points to a need to stop fetishizing and fragmenting women’s bodies in the name of scientific research.

  2. Right, because “Save Your Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends, and Other Women Who Lead Whole and Complete Lives with Hopes and Dreams and People Who Love Them” isn’t enough incentive. Reminding people that your worth as a sexual object is on the line is funny? If I couldn’t provide you with free and easy access to my breasts – “second base” – then I wouldn’t be worth saving?

    That being said, I’m not sure how to combat this without immediately turning people away from donating entirely: “Ugh do you have to get on your soapbox about everything. This is FUNNY. I don’t even feel like dealing with this or donating now.”

    Any suggestions?

    1. I think it’s worth writing an email to the W&L Relay for Life folks and letting them know how offensive it is. I would think someone in the decision making group would take comments seriously . . .

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