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“Saving Second Base”


I have mixed feeling about the “saving second base” tag line used in support of (anything, really) but Relay for Life most immediately. I have seen this on T-shirts and on a placard in front of the Science Center and while I can find what I have to assume is intended humor and support in this phrase, I mostly find it grossly misplaced. Fighting breast cancer is not about a sexual experience, it’s about saving a whole human being.

How do others feel about this?

Sarah Wilson

Positive change conference?

Hi and thanks Anna, Annie, and Ashley for articulating so well the hard to articulate issues with some W&L traditions. In response to the question about what can be done to awaken sororities to these issues, one step would be to involve W&L’s Panhellenic / Women’s Leadership representative, Megan Schneider.

While I do not know about Greek life, in general, I find the atmosphere of conformity on campus to be impenetrable for some reason. There are a lot of students, staff, and faculty who want some sort of positive changes for the betterment of the campus and student body, but how to tip the balance so that these positive change ideas can be considered legitimate . . . Perhaps time for a conference about this, bringing together other colleges that have these issues?

Thanks again, Sarah Wilson